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If you currently find it difficult to pay for your prescription medications and need assistance, let Nationwide Prescription Connection help.

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Our Mission is Your Health

It’s no secret that the expense of medications as well as prescription insurance continues to rise and have become unaffordable to many. We recognize the need for help more now than ever. Our goal is to make prescription drugs available and affordable to those who cannot afford to pay the increased costs.

Have you ever walked into a pharmacy after leaving the doctor’s office or hospital and think that once you get your medication(s) you will be on your way to healing or feeling better in no time? So you give the pharmacy your prescription and wait for your medication to be filled, only to be called when ready and receive the amount due that makes you even more sick inside? Thinking to yourself, “how will I be able to afford this” or “what can I go without each month in order to maintain my health and take this medication?” Nationwide Prescription Connection understands your concerns and we are here to help assist you in finding a solution so you do not have to go without.

Many pharmaceutical companies not only make medications but also want to make sure that the people who need them have access to them. That is why they offer patient assistance programs. However, programs such as these can be time consuming and confusing. More than one program can be offered for each medication too. They each have their own set of criterion and eligibility requirements. That is where Nationwide Prescription Connection advocates are here to help.


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