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Drug Name

Sucraid (Sacrosidase)

Manufactured By

QOL Medical, LLC

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Sucraid™ (sacrosidase) oral solution is an enzyme replacement therapy for use in the treatment of Congenital Sucrase-Isomaltase Deficiency (CSID) developed initially by Orphan Medical, Inc. CSID is a condition where your body lacks the enzymes needed to properly break down and absorb sucrose (table sugar) and isomaltase (a type of starch) from the intestines. Sucraid™ can help improve the breakdown and absorption of sucrose (table sugar) from the intestine and can help relieve the symptoms of CSID. Sucraid™ may also possibly improve growth in young children and make it easier to sleep by relieving gastrointestinal symptoms.

How To Use

1 mL (one full measuring scoop or 22 drops) per meal or snack for patients up to 15 kg in body weight. 2 mL (two full measuring scoops or 44 drops) per meal or snack for patient over 15 kg in body weight. It is suggested that half of the dose be taken before the meal and the other half be taken half way through the meal. Sucraid® is completely soluble in water, milk, and infant formula. Beverages containing Sucraid® should be consumed cold or at room temperature. Heating beverages containing Sucraid®, or adding Sucraid® to hot beverages, will likely decrease the potency. Sucraid® should not be reconstituted or consumed with fruit juice, since its acidity may reduce the enzyme activity. KEEP Sucraid® REFRIGERATED

Side Effects

Abdominal pain, GI upset, constipation, insomnia, headache, nervousness, dehydration; rare: wheezing.

Drug Interactions

Do not reconstitute or consume with fruit juice; acidity reduces enzyme activity.

In Case of Overdose

No incidents of overdose have been reported. Glycerin, a component of Sucraid®, is an osmotic laxative; so dehydration may occur if too much Sucraid® is ingested. If an overdose should occur, adequate hydration should be maintained.

In Case of Missed Dose