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How Much Can I Save

Harold 72 - MO

I have Medicare Part D and I had reached my doughnut hole. My bill kept increasing at the pharmacy each month and I couldn’t afford it. We are on a fixed income. My wife has cancer and we are out a lot of expenses taking her for treatments. I looked up how to get help with my medications and found this program. I am not real good at using computers so I called their number. A nice lady answered the phone and I told her what I needed help with. I had 5 medicines that I take every month. I was now having to pay over $300 dollars a month because I was in the gap or donut hole. She found programs for all 5. I got the information in the mail within a week and took it to my doctor. I mailed it in with my prescriptions and In less than 3 weeks I had 4 of my medications and they were 3 month supplies. It came in the mail. I got the last one within a week and I don’t know how to thank Nationwide Prescription Connection. I will receive them in 3 months supplies for a year! I will save over $3500.00.

Tammy 44 - AR

I was having a hard time paying for my birth control injection and a close friend of mine told me about Nationwide Prescription Connection. I called them and asked if they could help me. I don’t have much income as I was only making a little over minimum wage. I have private insurance through my employer but I couldn’t afford the copay. I use Depo- Provera Injection and it was over $100 every time I filled it. That doesn’t seem like much, but when you don’t have much left after bills and necessities, it is a lot. I gave my basic information and they told me I qualified for a free-program. I was nervous because I had never heard of anyone getting their medicine for free. I felt I had no choice but to try. They sent me the program form in the mail and I took that and my proof of income to my doctors office. He faxed it to the program and within the month they had sent my injection straight to the doctors office. I was amazed. It is time for my doctors visit again and when I called to confirm my appointment the nurse said my injection is already waiting for me. And it was free! Thank you Nationwide Prescription Connection

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