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Deb Nissen, RN, BSN

"As a Chronic Care nurse one of the biggest hurdles that I find in taking care of my patients is that of compliance with their medications. When you have a patient who has battled a condition for so long and now they finally found a medication that works for them and they want so badly to take that medication so they can feel like a real human being again, it is very refreshing. However, when they come back saddened and tell you that there is no way they can pay $800/month for 1 medication it just breaks your heart. When it’s a compliance issue because they can’t organize their meds or swallow their meds or even get to the pharmacy to get their meds, those are all easy problems to fix. However, when it comes to the issue that they can’t afford their meds then all the walls go up and sometimes when a patient has so many other hurdles to jump the fact that their medication is just too costly is the last straw and they just don’t have it in them to jump that hurdle.

I cannot thank NPC enough for helping me breakdown the walls for our patient. It means so much to me to know that there are others out there that care as much as I do that people get the help they need. If you’ve never had to take a life-saving medication before, good for you! But when you see people changed and better because of a medication it just makes you so grateful that there are people like the group at NPC that can help you find the resources to help you to get that medication.

NPC has renewed my fight for my patients and the things they need. The story about the one degree difference is water temperature to make steam, and steam can power a locomotive really hit home to me. Sometimes we just have to keep pursuing and keep pushing until we find the answer because it literally could save someone. "

Gary R.
Age: 73

“NPC has been a big help to me. I was taking the generic of my medicine and it didn't agree with my body, so this assistance has blessed me.”

Margaret U.
Age: 81

“NPC has been there for me and I am very grateful for the assistance I've received. I couldn't afford my medicines on my own.”

Daryl S.
Age: 58

“I'm very blessed to have been able to receive assistance from NPC. I'm on a fixed income right now and they've really helped me.”

Charles M.
Age: 62

“My medicine was so expensive I couldn't afford it. NPC has been very helpful to me.”

Sammy B.
Age: 75

“I appreciate the assistance from NPC. Everything was on time just like I was told. It's truly helped me.”

Ashley B.
Age: 37

“I really appreciate the help from NPC for my medication because I could not afford it on my own.”

Dorothy F.
Age: 63

“I truly appreciate the assistance NPC has provided me for my medicines I couldn't pay for.”

Phillip P.
Age: 68

“NPC helped me so much. I wouldn't be taking my medicine without their help. And it's mailed to my home at no cost.”

Betty M.
Age: 71

“I think that NPC has really done its job for me. I have never had someone stay on top of things like NPC has for me.”

Joseph C.
Age: 50

“NPC helped where we needed them to. I'm grateful for the assistance they provided.”

Jane N.
Age: 93

“I appreciate the assistance from NPC. The medication being mailed to my home is very convenient for me. I truly appreciate it.”

James B.
Age: 74

“I am so very grateful that NPC was able to assist me with my medicine. I would've had to be on a cheaper medicine that just doesn't work with my body, so again I am very grateful for NPC's help.”

Johnnie C.
Age: 84

“I'm very happy with the services from NPC. It has helped so much since I couldn't afford the medication on my own.”

Ellis S.
Age: 40

“I couldn't afford my medicine at my local pharmacy because it was so expensive. I was doing without. The assistance that NPC has provided me has been very helpful. I am very pleased with their services.”

James N.
Age: 57

“NPC has done amazing things for me by helping me get my medicine I couldn't afford on my own.”

Christal A.
Age: 61

“I am forever grateful for the assistance that I received. There was just no way to for me to take the medication I needed without the assistance, which makes me very blessed. I appreciate NPC very much.”

Alexandria M.
Age: 22

“NPC's assistance has been a huge help financially. It has taken the burden off of me. Services are great and so is the customer service. I was a little hesitant at first, but now I would recommend NPC to anyone needing assistance with their medications.”

Thelma W.
Age: 84

“I'm very thankful they were able to help me. I couldn't afford the name-brand and it helps me so much better than the generic I was taking (it was all I could afford). I truly appreciate the help.”

Terry D.
Age: 49

“Patient's Mother: I really appreciate NPC for helping my son and other people who have trouble affording their medications. The company and customer service are wonderful. I would refer anyone needing assistance with their medication to NPC.”

Age: 91

“I am very pleased with the services NPC has provided me. NPC worked very hard to provide assistance for my medicine. I know that if there is ever a problem or if there happens to be another medication I can't afford; I can call NPC for help and they will take care of me. I am more than pleased with NPC and would recommend them to anyone needing assistance with their medicine.”

Age: 56

“NPC is nice and easy to deal with. They call and check on me and my medicines. The assistance is very, very helpful. We are very satisfied.”

Age: 58

“They are really great! There is no way I could have received any of my medicines without NPC's help. The customer service is fantastic!”

Age: 59

“NPC is the best. Because of them I am able to live a longer, healthier life. Without them, I couldn't take my medicines due to cost.”

Age: 61

“I am very pleased with the assistance I've been receiving for my medication. I couldn't afford it without their help.”

Age: 52

"NPC is 100% great at helping others and myself receive assistance for medication they cannot afford on their own. They're wonderful for our community and surrounding areas. I give NPC a 10-star rating. I am very happy with my service and they have great customer service."

Age: 64

"I feel so blessed to have people helping me like this. I have never had anyone help me like this before and it truly means so much."

Age: 76

"Because of the high cost for our medication (I have cancer and my husband is disabled) we decided to go through NPC for some help. The cost of the medicine is too high for us to afford on our own. The assistance and service we've received from NPC is very much appreciated."

Age: 63

"I am well satisfied. NPC has great service and really came through for me when no one else could."

Age: 84

"NPC is working very well for me because I live on a fixed income and if I wasn't able to receive help with my medication , I would have to go without. I really need to be on my heart medication so I am very grateful."

Age: 74

"I really appreciate the assistance they have been able to provide."

Age: 73

"I appreciate the assistance they provided so much."

Age: 75

"Without NPC we wouldn't be able to afford or receive our medication. Even if you're having second thoughts or have tried for assistance before, give them a call. They will do everything they can to help you receive your medication."

Age: 76

"Because of the high cost for our medication (I'm disabled and my wife has cancer) we decided to go through NPC for some help. The cost of the medicine is too high for us to afford on our own. The assistance and service we've received from NPC is very much appreciated."

Age: 65

"I'm so happy with NPC's services. They helped me tremendously!"

Age: 22

"NPC really helped me get a medication I wouldn't be able to get on my own. They're great."

Age: 70

"The company is nice and convenient because I get my medications delivered to my home."

Age: 61

"Eliquis helps me greatly, it's just very expensive, even with Medicare Part D. With the assistance from NPC I am able to received the medication I need."

Age: 76

"Without NPC we wouldn't be able to afford or receive our medication. Even if you're having second thoughts or have tried for assistance before, give them a call. They will do everything they can to help you receive your medication."

Age: 58

"I'm very happy to receive the assistance for my medication I can't afford. It is very helpful. The customer service is wonderful as well."


"Without NPC I wouldn't have been able to get my medicine. I would be on a medicine that didn't work as well because my insurance didn't cover the one I really needed. Even with all the troubles, ya'll stayed on top of my medication until I received it and for that I appreciate everything so much. This program is a blessing for people who don't know where else to turn."

Age: 72

"I have Medicare Part D and I had reached my doughnut hole. My bill kept increasing at the pharmacy each month and I couldn’t afford it. We are on a fixed income. My wife has cancer and we are out a lot of expenses taking her for treatments. I looked up how to get help with my medications and found this program. I am not real good at using computers so I called their number. A nice lady answered the phone and I told her what I needed help with. I had 5 medicines that I take every month. I was now having to pay over $300 dollars a month because I was in the gap or donut hole. She found programs for all 5. I got the information in the mail within a week and took it to my doctor. I mailed it in with my prescriptions and In less than 3 weeks I had 4 of my medications and they were 3 month supplies. It came in the mail. I got the last one within a week and I don’t know how to thank Nationwide Prescription Connection. I will receive them in 3 months supplies for a year! I will save over $3500.00."

Age: 44

"I was having a hard time paying for my birth control injection and a close friend of mine told me about Nationwide Prescription Connection. I called them and asked if they could help me. I don’t have much income as I was only making a little over minimum wage. I have private insurance through my employer but I couldn’t afford the copay. I use Depo- Provera Injection and it was over $100 every time I filled it. That doesn’t seem like much, but when you don’t have much left after bills and necessities, it is a lot. I gave my basic information and they told me I qualified for a free-program. I was nervous because I had never heard of anyone getting their medicine for free. I felt I had no choice but to try. They sent me the program form in the mail and I took that and my proof of income to my doctors office. He faxed it to the program and within the month they had sent my injection straight to the doctors office. I was amazed. It is time for my doctors visit again and when I called to confirm my appointment the nurse said my injection is already waiting for me. And it was free! Thank you Nationwide Prescription Connection"


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